Some new China Glaze polishes I bought last week with the last of my vouchers from work. Instead of doing straight up swatches I thought I’d be a bit more…creative I guess :) it also gave me a chance to try out my new Barry M Nail art pen which I bought a while back which I am ridiculously pleased with. Got Shell-O Jelly and Highlight of my Summer Creme from the Sunsational Summer collection and Party Fowl feather effect from the On The Horizon collection. 

I used Shell-O as the base for the thumb, pointer and ring finger (3 coats each) and on top of the crappy watermelon attempt I did on the middle nail. Highlight of my Summer was used on the middle finger (3 coats) and Party Fowl was used on the ring finger as an accent nail (3 coats - probably better as 2 thicker coats). Yes I need to improve my leopard print!!